Monday, 27 November 2006


The Big Day was a blast. Scooterboy and I had a wonderful day and Melbourne sure turned on the good weather *phew*!!

Heading off to the beach soon for a mini-moon. We hope to get away for a real honeymoon sometime next year. Will post more once I get back in a few days.

Here's a little pic from the day. A HUGE THANK YOU to our photographer, Joseph Koprek, who did an AMAZING job on the day. Joseph made us feel so relaxed and we had a lot of fun taking all the shots. He even uploaded the shots on the night of the wedding! That's efficiency all right!

Joe, if you're reading this, so many of our friends and family have commented on how brilliant the shots are.

Thanks too to Marcus, of C2 Video, the videographer, who helped bring on the fun.

Also, thank you to the rest of the Big Day Crew (see earlier post) who all came through with flying colours on the day.

Apologies for missing Angel Faces in my earlier post. Alison (hair) and Kylie (makeup) were terrific on the day and Tess who helped to put it all together was always lovely.