Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Shanghai Update

Another quick post while I'm in HK and have access to Blogger. Yes boys and girls, the freaking Great Paranoid Firewall blocks Blogger/Blogspot.

I'm still working on the workaround, but hope to be up and running sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Shanghai is so so. Freaking freezing but the snow really is beautiful if one doesn't have to negotiate his or her way around it (viewed from the warmth of my comfy home).

Had some unpleasantness recently with a skankerous whore (plentiful in Shanghai, and yes, CC, that's you), and a very naive husband. But that's all sorted now after a number of our friends (who had observed the Skank in action) and I smacked some sense into the boy, and he finally saw the light and realised said skankerous whore had been toying with him for months on end. At least we learned that we're as strong a 'Unit' as we had thought we would be under these circumstances. So, the narcissistic-manic-depressive-alcoholic loser-trash has been taken out and Scooterboy and I are once again chugging along nicely.

Huge hat tip to Ikea Shanghai. The staff there have been truly wonderful. Super efficient, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Gives one hope for the rest of the country. Likewise for staff at Wagas and Element Fresh ('Western' type cafes in Shanghers) - a real pleasant surprise when I returned to the Big Smoke. I haven't yet frequented too many 'Chinese' joints but I hope these initial positive experiences is indicative of an overall improvement in service levels over here.

Anyhoo... hope to be back up and running soon. Running off now to play with the new Wii *Whooo hooooo!*

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Shanghai Round 2 Touchdown

Quick post to say will be back on board soon. Still sorting out a few IT issues.

Feels damn weird to be here again. No verdict as yet. I just feel like I'm living in some parallel universe.