Thursday, 30 July 2009

Even I want to become an entrepreneur after this! :D

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Australian Internet Censorship Fail

Funny viral video Censordyne: good, clean internet censorship

Sign the petition against internet censorship in Oz.

More information on Censordyne.

From the folks at GetUp!

"Imagine a government proposing an internet censorship system that went further than any other democracy - one that made the internet up to 87% slower, more expensive, accidentally blocked up to one in 12 legitimate sites, and missed the vast majority of inappropriate content.

This is not China, Saudi Arabia or Iran - this is the vision of Senator Stephen Conroy for Australia. Testing has already begun. The community must now move to stop this plan. Click here to save the net:

The system that Senator Conroy wants is a mandatory filter of all internet traffic, with the government of the day able to add any unwanted site to a secret blacklist. Already, the wrangling has begun for the inclusion of material relating to anorexia, euthanasia and gambling. It isn't difficult to see the scheme is open to abuse.

Even when it comes to preventing child p-rnography, the filter will not prevent peer-to-peer sharing and is very simple to sidestep. The protection of our children is vitally important - that's why we can't afford to waste funds on this deeply flawed system. We should be concentrating on solutions that are more effective and won't undermine our digital economy or our democratic freedoms.

This must rank as one of the most ill-thought decisions of the Rudd Government's first year in power. We need to act now to tell big brother the mandatory internet filter is incompatible with the principles of a modern democracy and modern economy:

Our government should be doing all in its power to take Australia into the 21st century economy, and to protect our children. This proposed internet censorship does neither. Take action to save the net today.

Thanks for being a part of the solution,
The GetUp team

PS - The proposed scheme will pass all internet traffic through a government filter - it's like asking Australia Post to filter every letter sent in Australia. Click here to save the net.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Inspirational Women Scientists

Rather sad that most of these names are not commonly known.

1. Marie Curie 1867-1934

Physicist who was the first European woman to be awarded a doctorate in science. Won a share of two Nobel prizes for her work on radioactivity (25.1% of the vote)

2. Rosalind Franklin 1920-1958

Chemist who did much of the groundwork for James Watson and Francis Crick's Nobel prize-winning discovery of the structure of DNA (14.2%)

3. Hypatia of Alexandria 370-415

Wrote treatises on geometry, algebra and astronomy in Roman Alexandria. A staunch critic of religion, she was murdered by a Christian mob (9.4%)

4. Jocelyn Bell Burnell 1943-

Astrophysicist who co-discovered pulsars as a research student. Her male colleagues won the Nobel prize for the discovery (4.7%)

5. Ada, Countess Lovelace 1815-1852

Made major theoretical contributions to Charles Babbage's early work on computing (4.5%)

6. Lise Meitner 1878-1968

Co-discoverer of nuclear fission, for which her colleague Otto Hahn won the Nobel prize (4.4%)

7. Dorothy Hodgkin 1910-1994

Chemist who perfected the technique of X-ray diffraction. Won the Nobel prize in 1964 (3.8%)

8. Sophie Germain 1776-1831

Mathematician who made great progress on Fermat's last theorem, then unsolved (3.7%)

9. Rachel Carson 1907-1964

Biologist and writer, best known for Silent Spring, the book that launched the modern environmental movement (3.3%)

10. Jane Goodall 1934-

Primatologist, passionate advocate of animal rights and global leader of efforts to protect wild apes (2.7%)


Courtesy of @guykawasaki