Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Inspirational Women Scientists

Rather sad that most of these names are not commonly known.

1. Marie Curie 1867-1934

Physicist who was the first European woman to be awarded a doctorate in science. Won a share of two Nobel prizes for her work on radioactivity (25.1% of the vote)

2. Rosalind Franklin 1920-1958

Chemist who did much of the groundwork for James Watson and Francis Crick's Nobel prize-winning discovery of the structure of DNA (14.2%)

3. Hypatia of Alexandria 370-415

Wrote treatises on geometry, algebra and astronomy in Roman Alexandria. A staunch critic of religion, she was murdered by a Christian mob (9.4%)

4. Jocelyn Bell Burnell 1943-

Astrophysicist who co-discovered pulsars as a research student. Her male colleagues won the Nobel prize for the discovery (4.7%)

5. Ada, Countess Lovelace 1815-1852

Made major theoretical contributions to Charles Babbage's early work on computing (4.5%)

6. Lise Meitner 1878-1968

Co-discoverer of nuclear fission, for which her colleague Otto Hahn won the Nobel prize (4.4%)

7. Dorothy Hodgkin 1910-1994

Chemist who perfected the technique of X-ray diffraction. Won the Nobel prize in 1964 (3.8%)

8. Sophie Germain 1776-1831

Mathematician who made great progress on Fermat's last theorem, then unsolved (3.7%)

9. Rachel Carson 1907-1964

Biologist and writer, best known for Silent Spring, the book that launched the modern environmental movement (3.3%)

10. Jane Goodall 1934-

Primatologist, passionate advocate of animal rights and global leader of efforts to protect wild apes (2.7%)


Courtesy of @guykawasaki

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