Monday, 8 January 2007

New China, New Crisis

An interesting article on China which points out certain worrisome issues. But there is always hope:

"Over stir-fried curried chicken and crispy fried flying sea bass, the Chinese guests repeated politely and persuasively that China was making up new economic and political rules. Afterwards, I chanced to have a few words alone with one of the local rising government stars as we walked out of the complex. He kept his eyes on the ground. 'Don't allow yourself to be dissuaded, despite what you have heard. You are right that China is not different. I want my children to see a China with human rights and democratic institutions. And I am not alone.' He jumped into a taxi and was gone."

New China, New Crisis

I wonder if the article will be blocked in China. While living in China, i found that the BBC was always blocked and the Guardian often shared the same fate.

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