Thursday, 15 March 2007

The Dreamkeeper

After a rather nasty day at work, it was great to get a call from Dymocks notifying me that the book I had ordered was ready for pick up at the store. I had The Dreamkeeper by Robert Ingpen in my hot little hands around 40 minutes later and my day began to pick up.

I recently discovered Ingpen when I picked up Peter Pan and Wendy while looking for a gift in the children's illustrated books section in a bookstore. My jaw dropped when I opened the book and saw the gorgeous illustrations. I'm no poet and am not able to do justice to his work, so, just pick up one of his books when you have the opportunity and I'm sure you too will be astounded by his talent.

I highly recommend The Dreamkeeper and Peter & Wendy, both of which are now in my budding Ingpen collection. I am setting my sights on Pinocchio, Pictures Telling Stories: The Art of Robert Ingpen, Once Upon a Place, and many more.

"When discussing Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island — a classic adventure about buried treasure and pirates — Ingpen rubs his hands together with excitement. "It's one of the greatest stories of all time. If a child can get to chapter four and not be scared to death by Blind Pew tapping on the door of the Admiral Benbow Inn, they'll read for life!"

:D Full article here.

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