Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Scribbling: Scoots and the Flamer

Years upon years ago, I used to get my hands dirty in art. Oils, inks, pencils, charcoal, I gave them a go and had a great time with it all. However, I tended to feel frustrated when an image I conjured in my mind didn't quite translate onto the canvas or paper. Slowly, over time, I drew less often and stopped painting. But, I've often felt that art was something I needed to get back into.

In the last year, I have discovered, in a relatively short space of time, the likes of Robert Ingpen, Shaun Tan, David Mack, Nicki Greenberg and Eddie Campbell. The nudge to pick up the pens and pencils has gradually grown stronger ever since. So last night, I finally picked up my pencils again and trotted out a quick sketch of the images that had come to mind as I read a flamer's comments on Nicki's blog.

It isn't quite what I had in my mind but it will do for now. I hope with hard work and deliberate practice, the mind-hand disconnect, as Nicki so aptly puts it, will be cured.

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Nicki Greenberg said...

You GO GO GO, scootergrrl!!

Looking forward to more pics.

x Nicki