Sunday, 10 February 2008

Gimme Gadget!! PENGASM!

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen *rubbing hands together gleefully*

Check out this super nifty jigger!

If you have trouble viewing the video here, click through to


Nicki Greenberg said...

Ok, that is SOOOOOOO cool! The thing that gets me is that you can tap on the particular thing you were writing/drawing, and it will play the section of audio that was recorded at the exact time you were writing/drawing that thing. Crazy!

This would have been perfect for me at uni, where half the time I was doodling weird creatures when I should have been taking notes on Crimes Against the Person. So, tap on little monster pic, and hear replay about criminal intent - I
love it!

scootergrrl said...

Re: perfect for uni. Tell me about it! I wasn't creating works of art like you during lectures but the pen sure would have come in handy for all those siestas during tax law.