Monday, 11 February 2008


Current fave playground online. Shelfari just rocks! gush gush gush... I could go on but just head over to my shelves over here for a look-see.

and it has embedding goodness! Check out my bookshelf blog.

and and and it tracks Amazon Associate IDs - cha ching!

and you are also able to link your account to the Shelfari Facebook app (although the app is currently slightly geborken - my settings are set to show books that I'm currently reading but the shelf remains stuck on 'all books'. At least the rest of the app works fine).

*doing the good-geekin dance*

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Amanda said...

Hi Scootergrrl,
This is Amanda from Shelfari. So glad to hear you're enjoying our site. Thanks for mentioning us on your blog!! Shelfari is a great place to show off your books and connect with other book-lovers.