Saturday, 14 June 2008

Heli-Q fun

Christmas 2005, picture Scooterboy and I on a big oval and a remote controlled plane, Scooterboy's present from me. Virgin takeoff... BBBBZZZZZZZZ.... 9 seconds of joy and CRASH, one busted-ass wing and no more plane joy.

Birthday 2008, Scooterboy and his new Heli-Q. Virgin takeoff... BBBBZZZZZZ... some seconds later, CRASH. Happy happy chopper joy, the Heli-Q bounced and is good to go again.

So, yea. Neither of us can quite get the jigger to do what it does in the promotional video below, but I'm confident after some nerdy-hours-of-fun, we'll be landing the thing on each other's heads in no time.

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