Thursday, 9 October 2008

Back from the first world

Back in Shanghistan now after an excellent stint in Barcelona. What a beautiful and wonderful city! Blue blue sky, clean air, friendly and civilised people, amazing food, clean streets and all kinds of first-world goodness.

One good thing about living in Shanghistan is that it makes you appreciate the little things. One of the more memorable moments in Barcelona occurred when I approached an escalator with a rather large bunch of people. To my amazement, the crowd shifted itself quietly and efficiently, without any shoving or jostling, into stationary people on the right and lo-n-behold an open lane on the left for people to walk up!!!! I mean WOW! This NEVER happens in Shanghistan without having to manhandle stationary people out of the way. Also, sheer delight at encountering clean public toilets! WOW! No stink? And no piss all over the floor and crap all over the seat? Am I in some parallel universe? Oh wait, no, I'm just not in Shanghistan.

There were many more 'I love the first world' moments but I won't carry on about them lest I get a knock on the door.

I'm currently sorting through around a bajillion photos. Once I manage to cull a few of those, I'll upload them. Meanwhile, here's some food porn to ogle: boquerones en vinagre - best food discovery in Barcelona.

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