Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Great interview with @MarsPhoenix

"They liked the first-person aspect of it, even though they knew that somebody at JPL was doing it -- and I would get those questions, people would ask, "are you official NASA or are you just a space buff doing this?" and I would write back and tell them that no, this is the official NASA Twitter feed.

People just found that to be such a novel way of communicating.

Universe: I call it the "WALL-E Effect..."

McGregor: A lot of people mention that. What's funny is that it does all tie together, because the Pixar animators who drew WALL-E actually came to JPL back in 2006 to get their ideas for how to draw WALL-E. In fact, tomorrow, there's a Disney junket for the roll-out of the WALL-E DVD, and they're bringing all the media to JPL to see all these robots that their Pixar team saw way back before they did WALL-E. So it does all tie together."

Full interview here.

Courtesy of @veronica.

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