Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Home Sweet Home

One of the many beautiful parks in the city.

Kicked back on the grass and watched the clouds float by.

Scooterboy reading in favourite park-in-the-middle-of-a-residential-street.

Stunning Fitzroy Gardens smack in the middle of the city.

It was wonderful to be back home again, albeit for a rather short time. The contrast with Shanghistan is truly astounding. Blue sky, clean air, clean water, friendly, logical and functional people, capable medical professionals, ambulances that can actually get to you and are equipped to save your life, civility, ethics, great food, KoKo Black, Brunetti's, Francois, Tiamo2, Oskar, St Ali, The Vic Market Deli, bratwurst with sauerkraut at the Vic Market, the Vic Market, Gluttony, gorgeous parks, grass that you can walk/sit/lie on, bright colours, great markets, beautiful crafts, great book shops. Ah well, will just hang onto the fact that I will get to go home again one day.

Meanwhile, I'll remind myself of the positives of Shanghistan: cheap taxis, availability of help (cleaners), cheap massages, Sichuan/Hunan/Yunnan cuisine, Awfully Chocolate cakes.


Hwee Ann said...

Great pics. U know what I regret? Not taking more pics while still there. We need to start a "we regret leaving melbourne" group.

scootergrrl said...

I don't feel regret so much as resigned. Keep reminding myself that this is for the best in the long run (provided we aren't struck down by lung/heart disease or cancer from living in China for an extended period of time).

Headed home again before too long - going to make sure I shlep the camera around more often and take more pics.

Checked out your blog - Siyuan is a real cutie 8) Howdy to the bub and Lux!