Friday, 8 May 2009

Breathing in Shanghai

Just changed the Blue Air purifier filters in the apartment. Above photo shows 3 filters: leftmost is the new filter, the other two are filters from the last year (they are replaced every 6 months).

Filter for the smaller machines (e.g. for bedrooms).

I never open the windows - but there is circulation since the seals on the doors and windows aren't the best. So, I imagine one would have to change the filter every 3 months or so if windows / balcony doors are regularly opened for extended periods of time.

Hmmm... maybe I should change the filters every 4-5 months rather than 6.
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Cathay Specific said...


Try keeping the air pure naturally with the following mix of plants...all easily available at your SH plant market:

1. Mother-in-law's Tongue - sansevieria trifasciata - excellent nocturnal converter of CO2 to O2. Use in bedroom.

2. Areca Palm - chrysalidocarpus lutescens - CO2 scrubber...remember to wipe leaves daily for max. effect.

3. Money Plant - epipremnum aureum - great at removing volatile chemicals, heavy metals.

You should buy several per person...sounds like a lot...but a better and healthier investment than aircon gadgets.



scootergrrl said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the handy little summary of hard-working indoor plants. I do have a few but figured Mama Nature could do with a bit of help given the level of crap in the air over here (I used plants at home in Oz but, of course, Oz air is a completely different ball-game).

Will Google the list to get images of the plants and keep an eye out for them next time I visit the plant market. I'll probably add a couple more here and there in the apt.

But will also keep the air purifiers 8) (noticeable difference in quality of sleep I get with/without the air purifiers - scary Larry!)


Anonymous said...

Plants are good at improving air quality, but not as good about removing particulates -- which is why the air purifier is a MUST.

Hwee Ann said...

Blueair doesn't sell in HK! We used 3M filters for our aircon, and after 1 month it's grey in colour. We used to have a Philips air purifier, but it produced ozone and that hurt our lungs. We then hunted for a non-ozone producer and bought a Sharp machine. The 3M filters though seem to work okay, but Siyuan gets allergies - ie coughs - all the time becos of the air in HK. The problem with HK is that at least half of the pollution is local, and it's irritating that the bastards that run HK don't do anything about it. Plants sound like a brillant idea!

scootergrrl said...

Plants are good but won't get rid of all the pollutants.

Just found a couple of contacts in HK from the Blue Air site. Give them a bell and see if that works.

Although, 3M gear should work ok no? (I dunno).

But yah... I'm a big fan of the Blue Airs... Scooterboy immediately started sleeping better once we got them.

Worldspulse International Co.Ltd.
Suite 1301, 13/F, Asian House
1 Hennessy Road, Wanchai
Hong Kong
Tel. 00852 2983 8171
Fax 00852 2983 8191

Greenaire Ltd.
1/F., 192 Prince Edward Road West
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel. 852 2652 5122
Fax 00852 2652 6523

They came highly recommended on some allergy website - can't remember which (was a while ago). Will probably show up again if you Google it. Poor Siyuan (allergies).

P.s. the new bub is a cutie 8)