Thursday, 27 July 2006

Mac Bridezilla

Scooterboy and I had visions of a big-ass BBQ for our wedding but alas, it was a huge logistical nightmare (even more so than a run-of-the-mill wedding believe it or not). So, I find myself turning into a real bridezilla with the frock, the four-walls-and-roof venue, vintage car and yada yada yada. Hence, the lack of posting in this blog. We have both been running around like headless chickens putting this thing together!

I'd just like to mention that my love for Mac was recently affirmed when I created our wedding invitation video from scratch in around 4 hours. The 4 hours included time for me to scratch my head and ponder life, the universe, and everything since I had NEVER before used iMovie. Despite that, creating the video was easy-peasy-Japanesey after an initial muckaround. I am absolutely astounded at the powerful software developed by Mac. iMovie and iDVD were an absolute dream to use!

I was able to edit the video, add effects, add photos, add notes, and bang it all into a DVD and upload to the internet so, so easily! Thank you, Apple!

Ok... nuff gushing for now. Back soon-ish... maybe :)

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