Friday, 4 August 2006

Human eyes + shiny, bright green makeup = not a good thing

The Big Day shenanigans continue.

I'm hunting for a hair and paint-face lass for the Big Day and asked my hairdresser if he knew anyone who might fit the ticket.

He suggested I speak to his mate at the Shiseido boutique in QV (Melbourne shopping site) who had done the makeup for his colleague's wedding.

I should have heeded a mate who advised, "never trust a Honky when it comes to anything involving aesthetics." (Honky = person hailing from Hong Kong, or one who is heavily influenced by Canto culture).

I trotted off to the Shiseido shop and asked to speak to, let's call her, Stuffy Counter Wench. Turned out I was speaking to her and she too was a Honky. "Oh no," was my first thought. It was going to be a tough sell for Stuffy Counter Wench from the word go. She was in her 40s, possibly 50s, and was sporting bright green SHINY eyeshadow. Nice.

We spoke about pricing, while I stared at the shiny bright green eyeshadow. Naturally, I asked if she could show me photographs of her previous work and Stuffy Counter Wench turned into Snippy Stuffy Counter Wench. Snippy Stuffy Counter Wench huffed and rolled her eyes and snapped, "I've been doing this for ten years, I don't do that anymore!"

"I ask because you're wearing shiny bright green eyeshadow, and girlie, that's all kinds of not happening." I did not say.

I thanked her and left.

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