Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I am a Tetris Nerd

Years ago, I spotted a nifty little key-chain sized Tetris gaming gadget. I bought it and showed Scooterboy. "Oh cool! Ace!" he said. "Here, let me have a go." And so began the Tetris wars.

Whenever we bested each other's score, there would be a triumphant "HA HAH!" and the bested would set out to unseat the victor. We actually developed blisters on our thumbs from keying the tiny buttons on that little gadget for ages at a time. The battery ran out eventually, which was a relief of sorts. I never replaced the batteries. We wanted our lives back.

And now, we have Facebook. I came across a Tetris application that can be embedded within my Profile. I, of course, added the app and hollered at Scooterboy about the discovery. We soon found that our Tetris hyper competitiveness had not waned since our war on the trusty little keychain gadget. We have both been wasting time jostling for poll position. I am sitting on a score of over 180,000 and the boy is on over 160,000. *HA HAH!*

Says TG, a buddy of mine, "The 'level' of nerdiness when it comes to you two is somewhat irrelevant. When you are scoring over 100,000 on Tetris you are populating a realm of nerdiness that is so far removed from everyday life that it's like trying to distinguish, with the naked eye, planets orbiting a far off sun. You both just blend into one distant nerd." :D

In the application, you can play against friends or against the top scorers. I wondered what the top score was and had a look-see. To my amazement, number 1 has a score of over 600,000! My first instinct was, 'She must be an alien' because I tell you, those blocks are FLYING when the score hovers around the 180,000 mark. It is simply not humanly possible to be able to control those suckers beyond the 250,000 mark. Guess I'll just have to prove myself wrong.

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