Thursday, 16 August 2007

Nifty Book Gadget

Best book gadget find ever. Hands-free reading while dining!

The Gimble.

Available at Dymocks in Melbourne.


Nicki Greenberg said...

Wow -it's YOU!! I thought so, but didn't realise til I saw the link to your bags blog. Your blog rocks, chica!!! And thanks for posting on mine.

Like the gadgets too... I think I need to get me one a these book-holders - not being able to read and eat at the same time has always frustrated me!

See you soon

xx N

scootergrrl said...

The gadget is a bit of a rip off (and then some). I hemmed and hawed for ages but in the end, thought to myself, heck, you've needed something like this for ages, didn't come up with it yourself, just reward the innovator!

Sold at the Table of Goodies in Dymocks 234 Collins for AUD18.95
(Hefty markup by Dymocks considering the thing sells in the UK for GBP4.99 (approx AUD12)