Thursday, 22 November 2007

Sporadic posting

Just a quick note to say that I am unlikely to post regularly for the next couple of months or so, what with moving countries and all. All that packing, and wrapping my head around the return to the big smoke (outdoors and indoors - smoke-free dining is still a quaint concept to the majority of the population).

Anyhoo, I will pop in now and again. I'm confident there will plenty of posting once I hit the ground in Shanghai. You can't walk out the door over there without having around 5 nutty stories to tell at the end of the day.


Anonymous said...


all the best for your time in China.....hope all goes well! Have enjoyed reading your blog when i get the chance!


scootergrrl said...

Thanks, Craig 8)

Do you blog too? If so, shoot me an email with the URL.


Anonymous said...

Hey Scoots
Im a bit too lazy to blog and i think i have chronic writers block. I found your blog because of the Acquum review you did ages ago. My only contribution to the www is photos from when we went around the world recently

Nicki Greenberg said...

Happy story-gathering scoots. I'm looking forward to seeing those weird experiences transformed into blog entries, comix or some other kind of wonderful creative emanations!

And happy (late) birthday too (sorry!).

love xx N

scootergrrl said...

Thanks Nicki!

Can't wait to see Hamlet!! Larve the sneak peeks so far 8)