Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Shanghai-ed by CC the Singaporean Stalking Skank

Was just about to get back into the swing of blogging but lo and behold, The Boy and I now have to deal with a stalking Skank. Yes, the same Skank as previously mentioned. We have just learned that it recently moved into our building.

The Boy ain't never livin this one down! At least I'll get plenty of mileage out of this debacle.

Boy: I want to watch X movie.
Me: I want to watch Y movie.
Boy: But X movie is better and I don't want to watch Y movie.
Me: Skank.
Boy: Shhhrmrmrmrmrmrmr

Me: Turn right up ahead.
Boy: No, it's a left.
Me: Skank.
Boy: Shhhmmrmrmrmrmrmrrr

Me: Let's go have hot-pot.
Boy: Blurgh! I hate hot-pot.
Me: Skank.
Boy: Shhhhmmrmrmrmrmrmrrrrr

Boy: Let's send our kids to Kendo class.
Me: But Aikido is better for them.
Boy: But Kendo rocks.
Me: But they'll be able to take down skanks with their bare hands.
Boy: true.

China is so adept at producing its legions of skanks (female and male), it really did not need to import one from Singapore. One just has to laugh...

Ahhhh... gotta love living in Asia. So many skanks, so little honour.
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